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As a regular internet user I find it frustrating that the majority of online requests / bookings go unanswered. This is not the case here! By embracing technology I aim to make both our lives easier and more efficient. By booking online here, your time-slot is immediately reserved.

Click on the icon below to check availability and start the booking process.
This calendar shows my real-time availability and is guaranteed to be up to date!
If you would prefer to book by phone, please feel free to call Claire on 071 296 2203 (SMS and WhatsApp welcome too!).

Please note: CS Physio is contracted out of medical aid (cash practice). Please settle your account after each session - cash, card or EFT.
Card facilities now available.. You can then submit your invoice with proof of payment to your medical aid for reimbursement. First appointments must either be paid by EFT in advance or settled by cash or card immediately after the appointment. CS Physio's banking details can be found here.